Standardized Agreement

Standardized Agreement

TEACHAT provides an online venue for language learning where members, both students and teachers (terms defined below), can collaborate with each other and take advantage of the services (collectively, the "Services"). These services are accessible at and any other websites where TEACHAT makes the services available (collectively, the "Site"), and applications for mobile, tablet, and other smart devices and application program interfaces (collectively, the "Application").

Article2 Definition
1.“Website”, means FineLink operates, and its subdomain.
2.“Point”, means a monetary unit of measure used to pay the cost of the service on this website, and the student can use the money to purchase the points.
3."User”, means a person who uses the services subject to the terms of this website.
4."Member" means a person who is registered on this website and used the service for a long time.
5."Student" means a person who is registered and wishes to receive a lesson or actually take a lesson through this website.
6."Tutor" means a person who is registered and wishes to provide a lesson or actually provide a lesson through this website.

Article 3 Clause Description and Amendment
1. The website publics the information on the first page, including the contents of this term and the name of the operator, the location of the company (including the user complaint address, contact telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, business registration number, personal information management and other information) , Please click on the link to read the specific agreement content.
2. Users need to agree in advance of the terms, which provides for the withdrawal of the course application, the return points and other details of the content, please confirm in advance.
3. The Company has the right not to violate the Law on the Protection of Consumers' Rights and Interests of Electronic Commerce, the Electronic Data and Transactions Act, the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, the Communication Information Network and the Information Protection Law to make changes to these terms.
4. The Company will announce the applicable date and the reasons for the amendment on the date of the application of the new clause 7 days prior to the application of the terms and conditions.
5. The new terms of use apply only to applications made after the date of entry into force, and the course agreement entered into with the date of entry into force is subject to the application of the pre-modification terms.
6. If there is no conflict between the matters not specified in these terms or the Consumer Protection Law of Consumer Protection, the relevant laws shall prevail.

Article 4 Service and Change
1. The following services are available on this website:
① provide information about the tutors and the service of buying points.
② The payment and management of the points.
③ Other service.
2. When the point system is changed, the website will public the new value of points and date corresponding to the number of points and notify the user in advance.

Article 5 Suspension of Service
1. In the event of service equipment repair, failure or communication interruption, etc., this website will temporarily terminate the provision of services.
2. This website does not bear the loss caused by the temporary suspension service for the first reason (except for the special circumstances of the relevant evidence)
3. If the service is suspended due to the business change, bankruptcy, merger and acquisition of the company, etc., the user will be notified and the purchase on this website will be converted into cash to return user according to Article 8 of the Terms of Use.

Article 6 Membership Registration
1. After the user has entered the member information according to the registration terms of this website, the user has agreed to agree to the registration terms.
2. If you have any of the following circumstances, the company will not apply the membership registration:
① In according to the Article 7 (3) of this terms, the user who has been judged by the company be a member who has lost the qualification of membership (except for a member who has been disqualified for more than 3 years and has obtained the permission to register the website again).
② There is forged, abridged, error information at the application.
③ Have the serious obstruction to other registered members.
3. Membership registration contract takes effect at the date of this website sends a membership application license to the user.
4. After the registration of members, if there are personal information and other changes, please notice the company in time.

Article 7 Membership Cancellation and Withdrawal Eligibility
1. Registered members have the right to request cancellation of membership, this site will be processed immediately after receiving the cancellation request.
2. The Company will restrict or terminate the membership of the user in the cases
① The information in registration is forged, abridged.
② Buying points on the website but did not pay the relevant costs within the date.
③ Preventing others from using this website or embezzle other user’s information or other situations contrary to laws.
3. This website will limit the membership of the user if the re-occurrence of such prohibited acts within 30 days.
4. This website will revoke the disqualified member registration and notify the relevant user at least 30 days before revoking the registration information.

Article 8 Member Notice
1. The relevant notice of this website will be sent by the e-mail provided by the user when registering.
2. This website does not guarantee the sending the e-mail notification to all users. The notice will be made public for more than one week on this website. However, the important information of the members concerned will be notified by this website.

Article 9 Purchase of Points
1. The user must confirm the following terms when purchasing points on this website:
① Be clear to the point value.
② Confirm about the service of withdrawal request about the points.
③ Confirm and agree to purchase of the points and other relevant terms of this site.
④ Choose the way of payment.

Article 10 Establishment of purchase application
1.In according to the article9, the application shall not be recognized in the following cases. And the consent of the guardian or legal representative is required for user who is under 18 years old.
① There is forgery, deletion, and error information in the application.
② There is negative impact on purchasing points for other users.
2. In according to the article12, the contract of purchasing points will take its effect when the e-mail is sent to the user by the company.
3. The Company's allowing of the purchase includes the confirmation of application and correction, cancellation and other information.

Article 11 Payment
You can use any of the ways to pay for the points on this website, but this site does not bear the payment of the fee.
1. Mobile banking, online banking, e-mail banking and other accounts remittances.
2. Prepay card, debit card, credit card and other settlement.
3. Online transfer.
4. Mobile application.
5. Other payment ways.

Article 12  Notice of Conformation and purchase application’s change or cancellation
1. The Company will send a confirmation email to the user after receiving the user's purchase order.
2. If the user who receives the confirmation of the purchase confirmation is required to change or cancel the purchase request after the purchase of the application has been submitted, the company will cancel the purchase immediately if the money of points hasn’t been paid; if the money has been paid, apply for the withdrawal according to the article15.

Article 13 Management of Points
1. The Company will charge the points to the individual registration account within 3 days after the user has paid the amount of the purchase points (except for special regulations).
2. The Company will indemnify for any loss when charging points exceeded the limit date, but the Company will not be responsible for any delay which is caused by users.

Article 14 Return of Points
If the Company cannot pay the points purchased by user for any reason, the Company will immediately notify the user and return the amount of the purchase point paid by the user within 3 working days to the payment account.

Article 15 Withdrawal the Points Purchase Contract
1. According to the Article 13 (2) of the Consumer Protection Law, after submitting the points purchasing application to the website, the user can withdrawal the contract within 7 days
2. When the user has one of the following cases, will not be allowed to withdrawal the application:
① The points have lost due to the user's own fault.
② The points did not meet the minimum purchase amount.
3. According to the Article 2(2), the user may withdraw the purchase application if the Company has not notified the user in advance.
4. In addition to the item 1 and 2, when the number of points to be paid is inconsistent with the purchase contract, from the date of contract goes into effect 3 months, the point purchase contract can be withdrawn within 30 days from the date of the fact was be confirmed.

Article 16 The Results of Withdrawal the Points Purchase Contract
1. The Company will refund the amount paid by the user to purchase points within 3 working days from the date of the purchase contract receipted and committed. If it is delayed due to the Company's reasons, according to the Consumer Protection Law of Electronic Transactions Article 21(2), the interest will be paid at the same time.
2. In the event of the above-mentioned cases, if the user paid for the points through credit card or electronic money and other means, the company will require the operator to stop or cancel the purchase amount of payment immediately.
3. When the user withdrew the point purchase contract, the Company will not require any liquidated damages or economic losses.

Article 17 Protection of Personal Information
1. To protect the user's personal information, this site will just collect the user's basic information.
2. For the purpose of fulfilling the obligations stipulated by law, the Company will inform the users in advance before collecting the personal information. (Except for special cases)
3. This site will inform the users in advance before collecting and publishing the user's personal information.
4. This website will not use the user's personal information for other places where not related to the courses If there is need to use the personal information for other purposes or provide it to a third party, the users will be informed and agreed in advance (other purposes prescribed by law is excepted).
5. In according to the items 3 and items 4, with the user's consent, this site may take the information under unified management. According to the Information Using and Protection Law the item 22(2), this site will inform the users in advance about the information of the manager (the department, the name, the telephone, the address, etc.), the purpose and the route of using this information, and the relevant information which provided to the third party (including the name, purpose, etc.) And, the users can withdraw the consent at any time.
6. The user can apply for reviewing or modifying the personal information published on this website to the Company at any time. In the case of personal information changes, the user's personal information will be suspended until to the modification is completed.
7. To protect the user's personal information, the company will manage the user's personal information strictly, if the credit card, bank account and other personal information is lost, stolen, leaked or without the user's consent to be used by the third party , the losses will be charged by the Company.
8. When this website or a third party who accepts personal information should immediately destroy the user's personal information after reaching the purpose of using information.

Article 18 About the Obligations
1. This website eliminates any violation of the law and all actions that violate social morals. The site will try our best to provide users with lasting and safe service.
2. In order to ensure the users can use the service safely, the personal information (including credit information, etc.) has been taken the security measures.
3. This website guarantees the fairness of the points system, if users got the losses caused by improper expresses or advertising on the website, the Company will take all of the responsibility.
4. This website promises that will not send any unwanted e-mails for the purpose of making a profit to the users.

Article 19 Account ID and Password
1. In addition to the provisions of Article 17, the ID and password is managed by the user.
2. Members provide the ID and password for the third party is forbidden.
3. If the member has transferred the ID and password to the other people, the Company will public it at the website and take some relevant measures.

Article 20 User's Obligations
The following behavior is forbidden
1. Use forged information when registering or changing personal information.
2. Embezzling other’s information.
3. Send or publish the information which is not confirmed by the Company. (Computer software, etc.)
4. Infringement of the copyright and other intellectual property rights which are hold by the website or the third party.
5. Causing damage to the reputation of this website or other third parties, and impeding the business of this website.
6. Disclosing any obscene and violent text, pictures, video and other information that violates public morals on this website.

Article 21 About the Copyright
1. Copyright and other intellectual property of the website are owned by the Company.
2. The copyright and other intellectual property of the articles and books writing by tutors are owned by tutor themselves.
3. Users are prohibited from using the information relating to the intellectual property rights of the website or the tutors without the consent of the website or the tutors, and prohibit the reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting, or use it for profit-making activities or provide it to others in any ways.
4. In according to the item, the website will notice the people who hold the copyright in advance and get the promise before using the article or information.

Article 22 Resolution about the Dispute
1. This website provides services that users can complaint the dissatisfied with the website.
2. The dissatisfaction and opinions about this website will be deal in the first time. If it is difficult to deal with the situation immediately, we will notify the user about the related matters and process schedule.
3. If there is an electronic transaction dispute between the website and the user, when the user raised the application for victim relief, it will be arbitrated according to the ruling of the fair mediation committee or the city.

Article 23 The Relationship between Tutor and Student
1. The party offering the course is called "tutor" and the party receiving the course called "student".
2. The application and the provision of the course are conducted by tutor and student. The website does not take any responsibility.
3. This site does not assume any responsibility for the economic loss caused by disputes between tutor and student.
4. If there is a dispute between tutor and student, it will be judged by the arbitration organ.

Article 24 Arbitration and Standard Law
1. When there is a dispute between the website and user, the case will be judged by the court where the claimant is located. If there is no specific address, it shall be submitted to the local court.
2. When there is a dispute between this website and user, the Japanese law shall prevail.
3. When there is a dispute between tutor and student, the Japanese law shall prevail.

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