What is TEACHAT?

Q. What is TEACHAT?

A. TEACHAT is a service that makes it possible for teachers and students to take a lesson through Skype. Once you have the access to internet, a video lesson can be done, which gradually makes you become better and better.

About Price and Point

Q. What is the Point System and why do we use it?

A. Points are cyber money that is used to pay for lessons on TEACHAT. Since we have outstanding teachers from all over the world, point system make it easier to pay them on TEACHAT. Points are valid for 6 months. (Click here to check your points: http://www.teach-chat.com/home_point.html )

Q. Do I need to pay money for signing up?

A. There is no membership fees or monthly minimum.

Q. How much is the lesson?

A. Lesson fees are counted through the points that the teacher required for . If you want to attend this lesson, you should firstly buy the points and then select the teacher and the lesson, after finishing the payment, you will be able to take the lesson.

About the lessons

Q. How to take a lesson?

A. All the lessons on TEACHAT are taken through Skype. After booking the lesson, you should install Skype in your PC or smart phone at first, then use it to take the lesson. Search the lesson you want to attend and book it, begin the lesson between you and your native teacher. Please make sure your Skype is available 10 minutes before the lesson begins.(Click here to check how to set Skype: http://www.teach-chat.com/home_skype.html

Q. How to search the lesson

A. On the top of our page, you can choose lesson according to language, level or length. You can also have the trial lesson.

Q. How to apply a lesson

Lesson >language you want to learn >select a teacher, check the schedule of that teacher. Select the time you want to have lessons, press “Book” button to book it.

About the tutors

Q. Is tutors reliable?

A. TEACHAT will do interviews to all of teachers and only those who passed can appear on the page of TEACHAT. If you find out any teacher who is against this rule, please send us details through Customer Center on our page. We will check the information and if it turns out to be true, we will take appropriate actions to that person.

Customer Center

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