About point system

· Points are cyber money which you can use on this website.

· 1point is equal to 1 Japanese Yen, excluding tax (around 9cents in dollar)

· You have to charge at least 2000 points at a time. Points are valid for 6months.
   If you recharge before the expired date, all of your points will be valid for another 6 month.

Amount Points Vaild Period Bonus Points
¥ 2,000 2,000 Point 6 months -
¥ 2,500 2,500 Point 6 months -
¥ 3,000 3,000 Point 6 months -
¥ 5,000 5,000 Point 6 months -
전세계의 다양한 강사진

· Points will be deducted if tutor accept your application.
  (After you apply for a lesson, you will get tutor’s reply in 3 days.)

· You can check your remaining points on MY PAGE-BUY POINTS

· Your points will be returned if we mistakenly deduct or your tutor cancel the lesson.

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